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Worcester Title Insurance Lawyer

Massachusetts Real Property Lawyer

Title examination is required for most transactions to ensure that the property owner actually owns the property and that there are no negative easements, loans or liens against it. Our experienced real estate attorney, Marla A. Maykel, is also a First American Title insurance agent and can write your title insurance policy, both lender and owner. She offers over 20 years of experience with title searches and title insurance. She represents buyers, sellers, developers, banks and financial institutions that have an interest in establishing clear title to property.

Massachusetts Title Review Services

Our firm reviews a comprehensive title examination to discover any defects that would make the property unmarketable, such as:

  • Judgment liens (builder's liens, lawsuits)
  • Unpaid property taxes or special assessments
  • Other tax liens (estate, inheritance, income or gift taxes)
  • Unsatisfied mortgages
  • Improper discharges

Our goal is to make sure our clients are getting clear and marketable title. Not all title defects, however, would prevent you from purchasing a property. Many title defects are curable. Our firm will take all necessary steps to attempt to cure the deficiencies, including procuring assignments and discharges that are missing and/or getting death certificates for people who are named on the title with life estates but are no longer alive, etc.

Worcester Title Insurance Attorney

Our attorney is a First American Title insurance agent and will write the title insurance policy for both the lender and the buyer. Title insurance is the protection against loss or damage arising from defects connected to the title to your property. A title insurance policy is issued at the time of closing or refinancing, and it protects the lender and/or purchaser from claims that may arise from the time of purchase or refinance.

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We offer real estate services to individuals and businesses throughout Massachusetts. We also represent lending institutions nationwide who are dealing with Massachusetts property. Contact our Worcester law firm today. Call 508-799-4800 or send us an e-mail.

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