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Worcester Real Estate Attorney

Massachusetts Real Estate Attorney

Our boutique law firm focuses exclusively on real estate law. Our clients include individuals and businesses, commercial and residential developers, contractors, banks, mortgage companies, individual lenders and property managers.

Our real estate attorney has over 20 years of experience that has almost entirely focused on real estate law. Marla A. Maykel knows the issues that arise during a real estate transaction. She can assist in resolving those problems in a timely manner so that the transaction can move forward. We guide our clients through the complete process starting with the purchase agreement to the closing.

A Comprehensive Real Estate Practice

We provide comprehensive real property services in the following areas:

  • Review, draft and negotiate purchase and sale agreements for residential and commercial property transactions
  • Review, draft and negotiate commercial leasing agreements
  • Advise property owners on disclosure responsibilities
  • Represent clients at closings or in pre-closing document review
  • Provide title review and insurance services to assure property purchasers that the property has clear title
  • Represent residential developers in condominium conversion products
  • Represent individuals, banks and other financial institutions with refinancing property
  • Prepare homestead declarations for property owners or purchasers
  • Offer full lender services to banks, other financial institutions and individual lenders, including title ordering, acquiring certificate of municipal liens, and protecting interests in residential and commercial loans

Contact Experienced Worcester Real Estate Lawyer, Marla A. Maykel

We offer real estate services to individuals and businesses throughout Massachusetts. We also represent lending institutions nationwide who are dealing with Massachusetts property. Contact our Worcester law firm today. Call 508-799-4800 or send us an e-mail.

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